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Every Kit Includes

Pieces for the Hood, Trunk, Steering Wheel, Keys, Wheels and Side Logos (Z04 Models Only)

Overlay Sticker Kit Options

Designed to Fit the Following Models:

  • BMW 1 Series and 1M - E87 | E81 | E82 | E88
  • BMW 3 Series and M3 - E30 | E36 | E46 | E90 | E91 | E92 | E93 | F30
  • BMW 4 Series - F32
  • BMW 5 Series and M5 - E28 | E34 | E60 | E61 | F10
  • BMW 6 Series and M6 - E24 | E63 | E64 | F06
  • BMW 7 Series - E32 | E38 | E65 | E66 | E67 F01 | F02 | F03 | F04
  • BMW X1 - E84
  • BMW X3 - E83 | F25
  • BMW X5 and X5M - E70 | E53
  • BMW X6 and X6M - E71
  • BMW Z3 - E37
  • BMW Z4 and Z4M - E85 | E89

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